The Power of Light


WibiSmart devices are beacons and wireless sensor nodes that connect to the Cloud, taking part in the Internet of Things.

They run forever thanks to light and a unique design.



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ENVIRO A device that captures the environment.

Powered by light, and equipped with highly efficient sensors, the Enviro is capable of providing access to a large range of environmental data, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, and acceleration.

It has a light and a charge level indicator, so you know if your Enviro is charging thanks to light. It goes into power save mode when the charge level has gone too low.

WibiSmart Enviro

MOVE The reinvented beacon and activity monitoring device.

A device that allows you to communicate with your users efficiently. Built with a solid accelerometer sensor, the Move can be used for a wide range of applications, acting as a beacon, as a wearable device, or for industrial uses.

WibiSmart Move

WibiSmart Mobile App. An app that shows you all.

Using Bluetooth Smart technology, your WibiSmart connects to your smartphone. Get real-time data with attractive graphical interfaces. Set the features and sensors you want.

As a developper, create your own app by connecting to the open source software platform (coming soon).

WibiSmart Android App

WibiSmart Web. See live and historical data.

Connect the Enviro to the Cloud or through a gateway and store its data. Set a network of Enviros and monitor them live.

Visualize your weather real-time or daily fluctuations.

Monitor the amount of light your Enviro gets through the day.

WibiSmart Web App

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